Case Discussion

From the shadows to the spotlight: We’re pulling back the curtain on our most captivating cases, offering an inside look at the world of paranormal investigation.

Ashville Anguish

Shadows lurked in the corners, strange noises echoed through the rooms, and objects seemed to move of their own accord. Even the television had turned on without any human intervention.

Bihl Manor

We felt an instant connection when Karlo welcomed us into the 1890 Bihl Manor to investigate reports of lingering spirits.

Moonville Tunnel

Armed with only flashlights, a camera, and EMF detectors, Brian and Glenn embarked on their late night investigation of the legendary Moonville Railroad Tunnel.

The Ross House

In the quaint town of Bellaire, Ohio, lies a historical gem that has intrigued and haunted the fascinated locals for over a century.

Auglaize Village

We arrived and began to see what we were able to explore. The village had 5 of the 22 buildings open and able to be explored.

Downtown Perry House

The investigation commenced with a harrowing incident, as one of the clients was suddenly overcome, losing an hour and a half from his memory, assuming it was mere sleep.