The Ross House

The Ross House

In the quaint town of Bellaire, Ohio, lies a historical gem that has intrigued and haunted the fascinated locals for over a century.

The Ross House : Bellaire, OH
Investigated : September 29th, 2023

Investigators : April, Megan, Brian, Kelsey & Glenn

Key Findings :

  • Experienced time distortions – 15 minutes felt like an hour. Led to less investigation time than planned.
  • Personal experiences – Some investigators were jumped, poked, felt enveloped. One doesn’t remember parts of the night.
  • Shadow figures seen moving through the house, watching investigators.
  • Footsteps heard following team or in other parts of the house.
  • Interactions in “portal room” – spirits played with grid light, responded to requests.
  • K2 meter activated on its own in portal room.
  • Perfume smelled in master bedroom. Knocks in response to requests.
  • Door opened on its own in chinchilla room. Silhouette seen blocking window light.
  • Old-timey music heard though no sources. Disembodied voices.
  • Visions of something tragic occurring in upstairs bathroom.
  • Many footsteps heard in basement though team did not investigate in person.

Full Case Notes:

Our investigation team – April, Megan, Kelsey, Brian, and Glenn – spent an extensive yet perplexingly brief amount of time at the Ross House. All of us experienced a distortion of time while there. What felt like 15 minutes was actually an hour, for example.

After the long road trip, we got settled in and planned dinner. When the food arrived, we sat together eating, talking about life, and singing happy birthday to Brian. We then felt it was time to start the investigation. However, unbeknownst to us, our dinner conversation of 30-40 minutes had actually spanned over 2 hours!

We discovered throughout the night that the time spent in each room also seemed to lengthen in ways we couldn’t explain. We would estimate investigating a room for 20-30 minutes, when in reality it had been over an hour. Unfortunately, these time discrepancies meant we didn’t get to explore as much of the house as intended.

Most of our experiences were personal in nature. Two investigators felt as if they were jumped, with one not remembering most of the night. She only realized this after watching footage, having no recollection of various moments. Another investigator dealt with unexplained agitation and anger.

We frequently saw shadow figures – if we were upstairs, they appeared downstairs and vice versa. When we used the front porch as our home base, a shadow would often materialize in the window of the door, as if watching us. This happened every time we went outside, sometimes with two shadows observing. We also heard constant footsteps behind us or elsewhere in the house. One recorder in the basement captured a lot of footfalls, though we cannot confirm if these were paranormal or animals.

At various times, we all felt chased down the stairs by an unseen presence. Once while walking upstairs, an investigator was poked just as a team member saw a shadow dart past the bottom railing.

Much activity occurred in the “portal room” with two mirrors creating an intended paranormal vortex. We could feel the energy shift walking through it. A grid light on a shelf would dim dramatically or have lights blacked out entirely, both reacting to our requests to the spirits. The cat ball also lit up frequently in this room. While sitting on the bed, Kelsey and Brian felt the distinct pressure of someone joining them, enveloping them in a hug through the concentrated cold. A K2 meter we set up constantly spiked, despite no obvious triggers.

The master bedroom greeted us with an overwhelming smell of women’s perfume. More cat ball interactions transpired on the bed where we also heard knocks in response to questions, as confirmed by EVP.

In the chinchilla room, a door repeatedly opened by itself. A window visible from the hall alternated between letting in outside light and being silhouetted by the shadow figure of a “man.”

For unknown reasons, two team members had chillingly similar visions of something tragic happening in the upstairs bathroom involving blood spatter.

Several times we all heard vintage-sounding music with no discernible source. Disembodied voices conversed beyond our own.

Overall, the Ross House is intensely active, though time distortions affected our investigation. We would certainly return with an improved plan. The personal experiences and responsive, intelligent hauntings warrant further study.