Auglaize Village

Auglaize Village

We arrived and began to see what we were able to explore. The village had 5 of the 22 buildings open and able to be explored.

Auglaize Village : Auglaize, OH
Investigated : August, 2023

Investigators : April, Megan, Brian, Kelsey, Tabby, Glenn

Key Findings :

  • The team explored a village with 5 of the 22 buildings open, allowing for efficient investigation by splitting into smaller groups.
  • An entity was discovered inside the train station, and an apparition was observed walking across the window box and into the post office.
  • Glenn caught an orb moving about in the post office, and footsteps were heard in the train station.
  • The team set up new testing equipment (boobuddies and a yes/no box) in the old school, which led to increased activity and communication with spirits.
  • The team spoke to a child spirit and an unknown spirit using dowsing rods.
  • In the Kiefer cabin, the team communicated with two spirits: a woman seeking help to cross over and a man believed to have been enslaved.
  • Around 3am, the team experienced amazing activity in the old caboose, including a swaying door, rattling rear door, and a face appearing in the rear window.
  • Megan and Glenn felt cold/chill sensations and being touched several times in the caboose.
  • While resting, team members experienced scratching on windows, the sound of a tent zipper opening, shadows and figures outside, and the feeling of something rushing over and standing above them.
  • Footsteps were heard from areas where no one was present, and Kelsey described hearing growling at points during the investigation.

Full Case Notes:

The drive was three hours from our home base just outside Cleveland. The entire team as well as special guest investigator Glenn attended the investigation. Quite a group, which allowed us to break into smaller teams to cover the grounds more efficiently.

We arrived and began to see what we were able to explore. The village had 5 of the 22 buildings open and able to be explored. We hit the ground running and Brian, Megan, and Glenn started at the restored caboose. Kelsey, Tabby, and April started in the train station. Things were quiet to begin, a few odd passing feelings of uneasiness swept over us on occasion. After spending some time, and becoming more acclimated to the surroundings we began to bump into some activity.

Brian and April discovered an entity inside the train station, and Megan observed “someone” walking across the window box and into the post office. Following that apparition, Glen caught an orb moving about in the post office. Footsteps were heard in the train station, and everyone met back together to explore the old church. In the church, Kelsey read a few bible passages out loud to see how the spirits would respond. The energy seemed to shift a bit, but very little activity was seen. We began putting together a plan on how to approach gathering the data for the next round of investigation.

We went next to the old school, where we decided to set up some new testing equipment. We deployed two boobuddies, and a yes/no box. We seemed to find a very good connection once those were set up. Quite a bit of activity started. Perhaps the entities were excited to be able to attempt to communicate! We encouraged interaction and gathered a great deal of information. Later, we used the dowsing rods and spoke to a child spirt, as well as another unknown spirit that we couldn’t figure out.

The exploration of the other buildings yielded little in terms of activity, other than a few moments inside what is referred to as the Kiefer cabin. We were able to communicate to two spirits in that building. One was a woman who seemed to be looking for help or guidance to be able to cross over. We were able to provide some advice to her that allowed her to move on. The second spirit was a bit more difficult to figure out. Our best guess was that is was a man who was at some point enslaved.

We retired to discuss what we had gathered so far, and discuss the next wave of investigation. Around 3am Glenn, Brian, April and Megan ventured back out to the old caboose. This turned out to be an excellent decision because we caught a line of amazing activity at that time. The door would continually sway, even with no wind or movement inside or outside the train car. The rear door was rattling like it was attempting to be opened. We checked outside and nothing or nobody was around. We also caught traces of a face appearing in the rear window. A light appeared to move across the windows of the train car on a few occasions. Megan and Glenn felt being touched several times, as a very cold/chill feeling was felt by both of them.

Once we settled into bed for the evening, small but notable events took place. Glen and April experienced scratching on the windows where they were resting. Megan heard the zipper of her tent being opened. Shadows and figures were intermittently seen outside, and many of us felt the internal instinct that something was approaching us from behind. Footsteps could be heard from areas outside that nobody was present in. Kelsey described the feeling that something rushed over to her and stood above her. She thought she had heard growling at points in time as well.