Ashville Anguish

Ashville Anguish

Shadows lurked in the corners, strange noises echoed through the rooms, and objects seemed to move of their own accord. Even the television had turned on without any human intervention.

Ashville Anguish : Ashville, OH
Investigated : March, 2024

Investigators : April, Megan, Brian, Kelsey

Key Findings :

  • The Savage Energi team was contacted by another investigation group to take on a case involving shadows, hearing things, moved objects, a TV turning on, and the client being assaulted in bed, with a 3-year-old granddaughter seeing a figure in a blue suit trying to talk to her.
  • During the investigation and house cleansing/blessing, the team experienced motion detection camera activations, significant K2 activity, and something playing with a cat ball.
  • Using dowsing rods, the team communicated with a house gnome who revealed that a previous attachment had returned and was the figure seen by the granddaughter, and the gnome agreed to help protect the house if the client left offerings.
  • Megan, one of the investigators, was violently choked by the entity during the investigation, and the team captured numerous EVPs.
  • The client’s history included a previous exorcism, questionable actions by another paranormal “team,” potential rituals performed by former residents on the Native American land, and the discovery of arrowheads by a neighbor, but after the investigation, the client reported having a restful night’s sleep.

Full Case Notes:

The Savage Energi team found themselves entangled in a chilling case when another paranormal investigation group reached out for assistance due to scheduling conflicts. Megan, one of the team members, contacted the client and uncovered a series of unsettling occurrences that had been plaguing the household. Shadows lurked in the corners, strange noises echoed through the rooms, and objects seemed to move of their own accord. Even the television had turned on without any human intervention. Most disturbing of all, the client had been assaulted while in the vulnerable state of sleep, and her 3-year-old granddaughter had witnessed a figure clad in a blue suit, sitting in a chair and attempting to communicate with her.

Determined to unravel the mystery and provide aid, the Savage Energi team embarked on an investigation, armed with their expertise in house cleansing and blessing. As they delved deeper into the case, their motion detection cameras activated frequently, and their K2 meters registered significant spikes in activity. Intriguingly, they even observed an unseen entity playfully interacting with a cat toy. Employing the use of dowsing rods, the team established communication with a house gnome, who revealed that a previous attachment had resurfaced and was responsible for the granddaughter’s unsettling encounter. The gnome offered its protection to the household, contingent upon the client leaving offerings in its honor.

However, the investigation took a dark turn when Megan found herself subjected to a violent choking sensation, an attack from the malevolent entity. Undeterred, the team pressed on, capturing numerous electronic voice phenomena (EVPs) that provided further insight into the home’s troubled history. It came to light that the client had previously undergone an exorcism, and another paranormal group had engaged in questionable practices on the premises. Moreover, the land itself held a significant past, as it had once been inhabited by Native Americans, and the neighbor had unearthed arrowheads while tending to their yard. The team also uncovered the possibility of ritualistic activities performed by former residents, adding another layer of intrigue to the case.

In the aftermath of the Savage Energi team’s thorough investigation and cleansing efforts, the client reported a notable improvement in the atmosphere of the home, finally able to enjoy a peaceful night’s rest. This case serves as a testament to the dedication and expertise of the Savage Energi team in confronting the paranormal and providing solace to those grappling with the unexplained.