Bihl Manor

Bihl Manor

We felt an instant connection when Karlo welcomed us into the 1890 Bihl Manor to investigate reports of lingering spirits.

The Bihl Manor : Fremont, OH
Investigated : January 13, 2024

Investigators : April, Megan, Brian, Kelsey

Key Findings :

  • Megan was poked in the ear during introduction/tour, as if a spirit announcing itself
  • Chair silently moved near basement furnace, confirmed by Brian and Glenn
  • Megan felt a pinch on her bottom with no cause
  • Brian endured sudden sharp pain in his right knee without marks
  • Balloons floated up onto chairs on the 2nd floor
  • Toy cars raced across the crib room floor
  • Rem pod knocked over in crib room, with active energy
  • Shadow figure spotted in twin bed room
  • Heard movement in the corner of the scrying room despite only 3 people inside
  • Spoke to 5 year old child spirit named Jacob who hides under the bed, scared of other entities
  • Kelsey saw angry older woman spirit guarding the dolls, following house rules
  • Rule revealed – no shoes allowed inside house
  • Shadow figure spotted on camera by furnace in basement
  • April saw shadow figure run down hall, Megan heard running footsteps simultaneously
  • The fear alone was a paranormal experience.

Full Case Notes:

We felt an instant connection when Karlo welcomed us into the 1890 Bihl Manor to investigate reports of lingering spirits. Megan was overcome with a tingle in her ear during our introduction, as if an invisible presence was announcing itself.

Our team delightfully documented even more signs of our ghostly hosts. A playful spirit swept a chair soundlessly near the basement furnace, confirmed by Brian and Glenn’s astonishment. The mischievous energy continued to pinch and prod – Megan felt a pinch below that made her yelp and Brian endured sharp knee pain with no cause.

As we explored further, our equipment sprang to life with joyful activity. On the second floor, balloons floated up to chairs and toy cars raced across the crib room floor. A timid child spirit named Jacob told us of his games hiding under the bed, wary of other entities roaming the manor. Meanwhile, an older woman guarded the dolls with frustration over today’s conditions. A lone rule emerged – no shoes inside the home stirring her anger.

Shadowy figures also peered around corners, blinking in and out on camera and heard racing through the halls. Each paranormal twist bonded our team more profoundly with the residence suspended between this world and the next. The living and dead yearned to unfold more secrets. Our only limits were the night’s inevitable end and our mortal forms needing rest.

Have we captured your fascination? The full evidence compilation awaits curious minds and brave souls ready to glimpse the cosmic veil. Let Bihl Manor draw you deeper through our footage and discoveries inside both chilling and heartwarming…