Supporting Cast

Who else has an important role at Savage Energi?

The supporting staff of a paranormal investigation team plays a crucial role in ensuring the success and credibility of the company's operations. These unsung heroes handle various administrative, logistical, and technical tasks that are essential for a smooth and efficient paranormal investigation. They are responsible for organizing investigations, managing equipment, and recording. Without their meticulous work behind the scenes, the team would struggle to function effectively.

Moreover, the supporting staff also contribute significantly to customer satisfaction. They are often in front of clients, providing them with information, answering questions, and offering reassurance. Their professionalism and empathetic communication skills help build trust with customers, making them feel comfortable and supported throughout the process. A positive and reassuring experience is vital for our reputation and long-term success.

Kelsey Healy

Video Support Savage

Allow us to introduce you to Kelsey, the talented video and audio expert of our team! With a passion for capturing the unseen and a knack for technological wizardry, Kelsey brings a fresh perspective to the world of paranormal investigating. Although she may be a newcomer to the field, her connection to the paranormal runs deep.

Since a young age, Kelsey has been privy to extraordinary sights and sounds from the spirit world. As a child, she often felt like the odd one out, but as time passed, she realized that she possessed a heightened sensitivity to the energy that envelops people, places, and things. This realization prompted Kelsey to embrace the realm of the otherworldly, opening herself up to the vast possibilities that lie beyond our ordinary perception. Today, she feels an immense sense of fulfillment in using her expertise to help others who share similar experiences.

As a video and audio expert, Kelsey possesses a unique talent for capturing and evidence of the paranormal. Her expertise, coupled with her genuine passion for the subject, ensures that you'll experience a blend of thrilling discoveries, intriguing investigations, and a deep sense of connection. With Kelsey as your guide, you'll uncover the hidden mysteries of the supernatural and gain a newfound appreciation for the inexplicable wonders that surround us.

Tabby Burkholder

Relationship Support Savage

Introducing Tabby, the compassionate mom of three amazing children and our team's trusted relationship expert bridging the gap between our clients and investigations! With a fulfilling career as a registered vet tech at an animal hospital, Tabby brings her warmth and expertise to every endeavor.

Her genuine compassion, combined with her professional expertise, makes her the perfect ally in your search for answers. Whether it's providing guidance, lending an empathetic ear, or coordinating investigations, Tabby is here to forge a strong relationship with you, ensuring that your journey through the unknown is one of trust, support, and ultimately, discovery.

As the team's relationship expert, she serves as the vital link between our clients and our investigations, ensuring that every step of the process is approached with care, understanding, and open communication.

Tabby's personal journey with the paranormal began in her own childhood, where she first encountered unexplained phenomena. As fate would have it, her daughter has also started experiencing these otherworldly moments, leading Tabby to empathize deeply with those who have had similar encounters. She understands the mix of emotions and the burning desire to find answers.

Glenn Hensley

Technical support Savage

Glenn, a valuable member of the Savage Energi technical support team, brings a unique blend of expertise and experience to the table when he joins the investigation crew. His wisdom is a guiding light during paranormal investigations, offering insights that stem from years of working in the field. Glenn's ability to analyze complex situations and provide a rational perspective is often a steadying influence on the team, helping to maintain professionalism in the face of the unknown.

Beyond his wisdom, Glenn's logistical support is indispensable. He's the one who ensures that equipment is in top working order, meticulously organizing and managing the technical aspects of each investigation. His attention to detail and commitment to maintaining the team's tools and technology make him an unsung hero behind the scenes, ensuring that the crew can effectively capture evidence of paranormal activity.

Lastly, Glenn provides a valuable alternative perspective on paranormal phenomena. His diverse background and insights challenge assumptions, encouraging the team to approach investigations with an open mind. This fresh perspective often leads to innovative strategies and a deeper understanding of the unexplained, making Glenn an indispensable asset to the Savage Energi paranormal investigation team.