ROHS Opera House

A trip to Kentucky to visit a very haunted old opera house with a deep history of activity.


Savage Energi Team


The ROHS opera house proved to be a captivating realm for our investigation, filled with intriguing encounters and intense energy. A chilling Shadow person materialized before our very eyes, emitting a powerful aura that sent the K2 meters into a frenzy. Engaging in an extraordinary session using the Estes method, we made contact with a young man from beyond the veil. However, as we delved into the mysterious circumstances surrounding his wife or girlfriend, an unsettling incident unfolded—Megan found herself inexplicably choked, evoking a sense of foreboding.

The stage became a hotbed of activity, with objects seemingly attempting to approach us with haste. Moreover, a face moved eerily through every window of the projection booth, casting an otherworldly presence as we stood on the stage. To our astonishment, we encountered something that pursued us up and down the staircase, intensifying the atmosphere with each chase.

Eager to uncover more secrets, we are planning a return to this enigmatic location, hoping to embark on a two-night investigation that promises even deeper revelations.