Perry Farmhouse

A farmhouse that was built in the late 1800's has frequent activity.


Savage Energi Team


In the depths of the 1800s, stood a house shrouded in mystery. Time had weathered its aged facade, but the remnants of a haunting past still clung to its timeworn walls. Tales whispered in hushed tones spoke of a devastating fire that had ravaged parts of the house and the surrounding barns, leaving nothing but charred memories behind.

But it was not merely the scars of fire that haunted this dwelling. Strange occurrences had plagued its current inhabitants, filling their lives with an eerie disquiet. The unsettling whispers of the unknown echoed through the corridors, their origins concealed in the shadows. It was as if unseen forces conspired to unravel the tranquility of the home, their intentions shrouded in the ethereal realm.

The children, innocent in their youth, bore the brunt of the unexplainable. One unfortunate soul endured a chilling encounter when an unseen hand slapped their delicate face, leaving behind a bewildered and tingling sensation. Another, seeking solace in the solitude of a cleansing shower, was terror-stricken as the shower curtain was abruptly yanked open, exposing them to an unworldly presence. The family, wracked with anxiety, found certain rooms to be veiled in an oppressive aura, their hearts pounding with trepidation whenever they dared to venture inside.

Determined to uncover the truth that lay hidden within the ancient walls, the Savage Energi team embarked on an investigation. Armed with REM pods and k2 meters, devices said to detect the presence of otherworldly energies, they delved deeper into the enigma that had gripped their lives. Footsteps, disembodied and echoing from the upper levels of the house, reverberated through the stillness, perplexing all who heard them. The flickering dance of shadows in empty rooms brought a chill to the air, their ethereal movements defying logical explanation.

Undeterred by the enigmatic and macabre nature of their experiences, the family vowed to continue their quest for answers. Another day dawned, and as the sun sank below the horizon, darkness descended upon the dwelling, breathing life into the malevolent forces lurking within. With each passing hour, the activity surged, escalating into an unsettling crescendo. Whispers grew louder, unseen presences more palpable, and the night became a canvas upon which the spectral mysteries unfolded.

They knew that their investigation had merely scratched the surface of the supernatural enigma that consumed their lives. Yet, emboldened by their insatiable curiosity, they pressed on, determined to unlock the secrets that resided within the haunted abode. For within the darkness and the chilling air, lay the essence of their fears and the glimmer of a resolution that awaited them.