Oliver's new home

A young boy named Oliver discovers something strange in his new home...


Savage Energi Team


Oliver was a curious and imaginative little boy who had just moved into a new home with his parents. The old Victorian house had a certain charm, but there was something mysterious about it that Oliver couldn't quite put his finger on. Little did he know that his new home held secrets of the supernatural.

On the first night in their new house, Oliver lay in bed, wide-eyed and restless. Moonlight spilled through the half-opened curtains, casting eerie shadows across the room. Suddenly, he heard a faint whisper coming from the corner of the room. It sounded like someone calling his name. "Oliver... Oliver..."

Startled, Oliver sat up and looked around. "Who's there?" he whispered, his voice trembling. But there was no response. Oliver decided that it must have been his imagination playing tricks on him, and he snuggled back under the covers.

As the days turned into weeks, strange occurrences became more frequent. Toys would move on their own, whispers echoed in empty rooms, and objects inexplicably vanished, only to reappear in unexpected places. Oliver's parents dismissed his claims, attributing them to an overactive imagination.

But Oliver knew there was something more to it. One afternoon, while exploring the dusty attic, he stumbled upon an old photo album. He flipped through the pages, his eyes widening in surprise as he came across a faded picture of a little boy who looked exactly like him. The caption beneath the photo read: "Oliver, Age 7, 1923."

Confused and intrigued, Oliver decided to investigate further. He researched the history of the house and discovered a tragic tale from the past. In 1923, a little boy named Oliver had lived in the very same house. He had mysteriously vanished without a trace, and his disappearance had remained an unsolved mystery.

Armed with this newfound knowledge, Oliver felt a connection with the boy from the past. He believed that the paranormal occurrences were somehow linked to the long-lost Oliver. Determined to help, he began communicating with the spirit, leaving out toys and drawing materials as a means of contact.

Late one night, Oliver awoke to find the room illuminated with a soft glow. The toys he had arranged in a circle were moving on their own, as if guided by invisible hands. Trembling with excitement, he watched as the crayons danced across the paper, drawing a picture of a smiling boy.

From that moment on, Oliver and the spirit of the lost Oliver formed a unique bond. They spent hours together, playing games and drawing pictures. Oliver's parents couldn't see the spirit, but they noticed a change in their son. He seemed happier, more content, as if he had found a long-lost friend.

One day, while Oliver was playing with his new spectral companion, he noticed a sadness in the boy's eyes. Oliver asked what was wrong, and the ghostly Oliver pointed to a locked wooden chest in the corner of the room. With his newfound courage, Oliver approached the chest and found an old diary hidden inside.

As he opened the diary and began to read, Oliver discovered the heartbreaking truth. The lost Oliver had been trapped in the house, unable to move on to the afterlife. The key to his freedom was hidden within the pages of the diary.

Oliver shared the diary's contents with his parents, who listened with both fascination and concern. Together, they embarked on a quest to find the key and release the trapped spirit. After hours of searching, they finally found a small, rusty key tucked between the diary's pages.

With the key in hand, Oliver approached the ghostly Oliver and gently placed it on the wooden chest. The lid creaked open, and a brilliant light burst forth, engulfing the room. The spirit of the lost Oliver stood before Oliver one last time, his eyes filled with gratitude.

As the light faded, Oliver's new friend was gone, finally freed from the confines of the house. Oliver felt a mixture of sadness and joy, knowing that he had played a vital role in helping the lost spirit find peace.

From that day forward, the house was no longer filled with paranormal occurrences. It became a place of warmth and happiness, with Oliver cherishing the memories of his extraordinary friendship.

And as time went on, Oliver grew up, but he never forgot the little boy from the past who had touched his life in such a profound way. His experiences in that old house had instilled in him a belief in the supernatural, forever igniting his imagination and curiosity.

And so, Oliver's story became a whispered legend in the town—a tale of a little boy named Oliver who had crossed paths with a ghost and changed both their lives forever.