Downtown Perry House

A home in downtown Perry, Ohio is investigated for a report of unusual spirit activity.


Savage Energi Team


Step into the haunting atmosphere of this remarkably active house, where the veil between the living and the supernatural is undeniably thin. A once skeptic, only one of the clients believed in ghosts upon moving in. However, their skepticism shattered as they were confronted by inexplicable phenomena. Witnessing a chilling apparition, both of them have now become steadfast believers.

The investigation commenced with a harrowing incident, as one of the clients was suddenly overcome, losing an hour and a half from his memory, assuming it was mere sleep. His demeanor and voice underwent a disturbing transformation, visibly consumed by anger. The intensity of the encounter escalated further when one of our investigators felt a sharp tug on her hair, and multiple cameras inexplicably malfunctioned. Amidst the eerie ambiance, our team detected a flurry of conversations emanating from unseen sources. The relentless activity within these walls left no doubt that something supernatural lingers.

With determination and empathy, we plan to revisit soon, driven by the mission to gather more evidence and provide closure for the bewildered homeowners.